Friday, January 16, 2015

Frozen Fabric

No - not that kind! Last week when the evening temperatures were in the teens I experimented with putting some dyed fabric outdoors to freeze.
The last time we had weather like this the fabric ended up with beautiful "Jack Frost" designs which I had never been able to replicate. I decided to try layers of fabric set outside on metal cookie sheets to see if that would repeat the crystalline structures. My thinking was that the dry cold would make the fabric freeze faster. It didn't, but I learned something else.
All three of these were made with 100% cotton muslin and Dyna-flow dye. The first one is the underside of the top piece of fabric. Sandwiched in-between were pressed fern leaves. The next two pieces are the bottom layer of fabric, first the topside then the underside. I actually like the look of these much more. When the weather turns cold again, after all it is only January, I'll experiment again.

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  1. These are intriguing...and the weather has definitely turned cold will be 'cool' to see what happens next!


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