Monday, March 02, 2015


With all the "snow days" we've had recently I've been going through old family papers and clutter and found this quote that my Mother had printed out on a piece of paper. She was a passionate gardener so this obviously struck a chord because usually I couldn't read her scribbles. Even under a layer of ice and snow in the dead of winter we can still appreciate the beauty of the garden and of nature.

"Everything we have the earth gives us - we take it for granted. Don't let yourself miss this.
Gardening is the best therapy in the world. You can put so much into it and get so much back. Love is everything - how lucky we are to live on this beautiful earth. You can bring beauty to yourselves through gardening. Your garden will help you realize and appreciate how truly exquisite nature is!"

C.Z. Guest
Old Westbury, L.I., New York
from First Garden by C.Z. Guest


  1. This is so gorgeous I feel compelled to share it on my new website...thanks for bringing these wise words back into the light.


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